Book us

If you would like to book Phoenix Morris for your pub, fete, festival or other event then please contact us.

The Side dances at fetes and other events usually during the summer months.

We are always happy to consider bookings to dance at fetes etc. We charge a fee which is, in turn, donated to our charity or charities of the year as selected at our AGM in November (see below). Our fees normally start at 150.

Although we usually dance at events within a 10-mile radius of our home town
Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire, if you are further afield please feel free to ask
you never know!

Unfortunately we cannot accept all bookings offered to us and we normally decline bookings in August due to Side members being on holiday.

We hold a meeting on the last Wednesday in February each year to discuss and accept bookings offered. We are able to consider bookings after this date if we are able to raise enough dancers.




The funds coming into the Side are collected from three areas, one being membership subscriptions from Side members themselves, currently 20.00 per annum (not charged in the first year of membership), collecting during our performances at local public houses and finally the fees charged from dancing at events and this money is paid into our "bag" (our bank account!) and from this fund we pay expenses, such as hire of hall, insurance, subscriptions etc., and at the end of the year we donate as much as we can, apart from a prudent float, to charity as agreed at our AGM in November each year.

Phoenix Morris, as a Side, are members of the Open Morris and the Morris Federation and we are also members as a group of the Rickmansworth Society.

We are covered during public performances for Public Liability for 10,000,000.