Giving to Charity

The funds raised by the Side come from three sources: from membership subscriptions paid by Side members, currently 20.00 per annum (not charged in the first year of membership), from collections during our performances at local public houses etc, and finally from the fees charged for dancing at events. This money is paid into our "bag" (our bank account) and from this fund we pay expenses such as hire of hall, insurance, subscriptions etc. At the end of the year we donate as much as we can to charity, apart from a prudent float, as agreed at our AGM in November. 

We support two local charities in Rickmansworth on a regular basis. These are Swan Care, who look after the swans on Rickmansworth Aquadrome and the waterways in the area, and CVSS who teach children and adults with disabilities to sail on the Aquadrome. We have been able to donate 420 to each of these charities in 2014.