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  Starting the new year well as King and Queen of the Wassail hosted by OBJ Morris  
Oxford Folk festival Sarah makes her festival debut at Oxford Folk Festival St George's day at 'The Case is Altered', Pinner hosted by Whitethorn Morris
Our Deputy Squire lets the status go to his head at Rochester Sweeps Festival Rochester Sweeps Festival Dancing by the Lock at Rickmansworth Canal Festival
Dancing in the shadow of our fabulous musicians Laurence and Hardy A bird on the Hat is worth two in the bush...
Some might say this is the best place for Morris dancers...! Pub night dance out at The Feathers, Rickmansworth  Dancing for an office party in London town...
...and on the Tube on the way home! Waiting for the Morris Bus at the Merrydowner's 25th Anniversary Day of Dance Merrydowners 25th Anniversary Day of Dance
'and we're bound for South Australia!' Merrydowners 25th Anniversary Day of Dance  Merrydowners 25th Anniversary Day of Dance with Whitethorn and of course our hosts The Merrydowners 
Wimborne Folk Festival  Wimborne Folk Festival   Short of a couple of dancers? Phoenix will help... 
always happy to step in  We are Phoenix, see us fly!  Wimborne Folk Festival  
After a strenuous first half of the evening Phoenix were left feeling a little deflated...! The Pied piper of Phoenix
Leading the sides out to dance at Rickmansworth Folk festival 
(Photo by Mike Pugsley)
Rickmansworth Folk Festival 
(Photo by Mike Pugsley)
With our guests New Moon Morris, The Merrydowners and Tower Ravens at Rickmansworth Folk Festival 
(Photo by Mike Pugsley)
The Phoenix takes a well earned break during the Rickmansworth Folk Festival   Swanage Folk Festival 
A suitably old looking venue for the ancient art of Morris
 Swanage Folk Festival 
Saturday Night (Bucknell)
Swanage Folk Festival 
Our Valiant Musicians
Swanage Folk Festival 
Ian drums up some new recruits at
Swanage Folk Festival
Swanage Folk Festival Vandals of Hammerwich at the Opening day for Aylesbury Canal Basin
The Curse of the Black Joker... 
This Season we have noticed a strange phenomenon which has been blighting a couple of our dancers during 'The Black Joker'...
Rochester Sweeps Rickmansworth Canal Festival St Albans Day of Dance
Rickmansworth Folk Festival