Phoenix Shop

Phoenix have items for sale both when we are dancing out and by post.

Scroll down and listen to our CD! 


Our Leather badges with the phoenix logo in full colour are available for £1.50 each.

We also have pin badges showing our logo at 40p each - 3 for £1.00.

These are always available for sale when we are dancing out.

Please add £1 p&p regardless of number ordered.



Our musicians play shortened versions of twelve of our dance tunes plus two traditional folk songs and a popular session tune.


These are (in order):

♪Shepherds Hey ♪Black Joker ♪The Bell ♪Batchworth Stick ♪The Nutting Girl (song)Park Lodge ♪Bluebells of Scotland ♪Upton Stick ♪The Stomp ♪Rochester Recruiting Sergeant (song) ♪Postman’s Knock ♪Portsmouth ♪Balance the Straw ♪Over the Hill and ending with the ♪Dorset Four-Hand Reel.

The CD is available by post for £8.00 or directly from us whilst we are dancing out.


For postal orders, please make your cheque payable to Phoenix Morris and post to:

Heron Wharf, 12 Heron Close, Batchworth, Herts. WD3 1NF 

To hear a 30-second sample, click a title:

Shepherds' Hey

Black Joker

The Bell

Batchworth Stick

The Nutting Girl

Park Lodge

Bluebells of Scotland

Upton Stick

The Stomp

Rochester Recruiting Sergeant

Postman's Knock


Balance The Straw

Over The Hill

Dorset Four-Hand Reel


All profits from these sales benefit our charity or charities of the year.