Phoenix Morris  - Social Side

There is a lot more to joining Phoenix than just dancing! We are a very social group of folk.

In addition to meeting at practice every week and dancing out together, we meet up both as Phoenix and as friends within Phoenix, for social gatherings.

This is the same in any social group, as, having a common interest, friendships are forged.

Of course, we have to have formal meetings to run the Side and there are two of these. 

Playtime at Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust 2003



As a Side, we hold an AGM every November to elect the Officers to run the Side for the following year and deal with other matters requiring a decision such as what charity to support for the following year.

We also hold a meeting at the end of February to select and confirm bookings for the spring and summer.

The more ‘fun’ side is on two set dates plus many other events throughout the year.

The last practice each year is the Side Christmas Party and we hold an annual dinner at the end of January.

In addition to this, when we go away for Folk or Morris weekends, we usually all get together for a meal on the Saturday evening.

We often block-book seats at folk concerts, ceilidhs and other events, and, frankly, any reason to hold a Side gathering is exploited.

This does not mean that Side members do not have lives of their own and Side members do have other hobbies. 

We are simply a group of people living within reach of Rickmansworth who enjoy dancing Morris and having fun together.