The Phoenix Morris kit has been developed over the years to today’s kit which has been with us for the last 20 years. The idea of our kit is to make the Side stand out in a crowd and it all needs to look the same and, for that reason, it is important, for the visual effect of the Side, to get the kit looking the same on every dancer and musician.

The kit comprises of a black half hat which is decorated with flowers in Phoenix fiery colours i.e. red, orange and yellow with ribbons in the same colours hanging down the middle of the back.

The hat is individually designed but the colour scheme is followed - members of the Side may put other things and other colours on the hats but these should be kept to about 10% of the design – just enough to make the design individual.

A red and White striped shirt with a red or red and white patterned neckerchief is worn with black elastic arm bands with red, orange and yellow ribons. The shirt is topped by a black waistcoat with the Phoenix embroidered logo on the back.

As with the hat, the waistcoats can be decorated to the individual style of the member but this should normally be with badges on the front only.

The ribbons on the hat are 12 inches long and the ribbons on the arm bands are 6 inches long.

Black breeches cut off below the knee with a bright red elastic or leather belt and red football socks are worn below the waist with black lace up shoes and finally bells on leather pads tied just below the knee.

It should be noted that bells may only be worn where a dancer has been given permission by the Squire and Foreman who have jointly agreed that the dancer has come up to the required standard of being able to dance five dances from different traditions to a certain standard in public.

Footwear should be black lace up shoes although the older Phoenix shoes are acceptable

As an alternative to breeches, women may wear a long black skirt which finishes 9 inches from the ground with red tights or stockings and a white or red petticoat with lace showing just below the hem line.

Where a skirt is worn, ribbons in the same colours as those in the hat may be clipped to the belt and hung from the waist and the bells are worn on the shoes as opposed to under the skirt!

Red hankies and sticks finalise the kit, depending on the dance.

Musicians may, if they prefer, wear long black trousers instead of breeches.

The Squire and, if appointed, the Fool would of course deviate from the above kit. The Squire would normally wear one or two items of the same kit but in a different colour whilst maintaining the colour scheme of the Side and the Fool would normally be in a jester’s outfit but again in Side colours.

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