New members of either sex, interested in either dancing or playing musical instruments, are always welcome and one of the big attractions to membership of the side is the social activities that surround the actual dancing performances.

Phoenix was, in fact, the first side in the area to become mixed sex, but since that time, a number of other Sides have followed suit and now there are more mixed sides than single sex Sides.

The Side meets every Wednesday at the Scout Hut in Ebury Road in Rickmansworth at 8.30 p.m. and once a month in the winter has a musicians' evening on a Monday.

On some Wednesday evenings in May, June and July, we dance out, often with other sides who we have invited to join us for the evening and, of course, we dance at events whose organizers have booked us for the date concerned.

We are often invited by other Morris Sides to join them for Days of Dance etc. and normally every year we hold a Day of Dance in the Rickmansworth area where we, in turn, invite other sides to join us for the day.

Some of our members also dance for other local Sides who dance different styles.

If you would like to "have a go" then we would be pleased to see you!

Our main practice season is in the Winter and we sometimes hold an Open Evening on for anyone who would like to find out more about us and what we do but we would be pleased to see you before then and you can join in the fun we have as a group.

Come along any Wednesday we are not dancing out and join in!



Although there is no recorded history of Morris sides being mixed there is no evidence to the contrary and there are photographs in existence of all male sides in the late 1800s with some very odd shaped men in the set. What is clear is that, if it were not for the women's sides, there would be no Morris today and any male Morris Dancer who says women should not dance Morris has not studied the history of Morris.



Each year at our AGM, we decide on a charity for the following year which must be a local charity - we feel that the money we raise should be kept in the community.

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